Ploy Thai Sushi Restaurant

Thai & Sushi

"A culinary gem in Brandon."


Creativity Shines At Ploy Thai

Brandon -- Ploy Thai Restaurant is one of Brandon's culinary jewels.

Noi and Kay Saechia, natives of Thailand, named their daughter, Ploy, which means "little gem." The 90-seat dinning room is loaded with ambience, with ornate, gilded carvings, rich wood paneling and Thai background music. Few places are more welcoming. Enthusiastic servers are gracious and polite. The waitresses, who wear silk dusits, a native gown with intricate handiwork, are attentive every request with "thank you," and she seemed to mean it.

More importantly, Ploy Thai's food is great. The menu is easy to navigate, even for first-time visitors, with user-friendly pepper graphics indicating spicy foods. Entrees are grouped into categories such as Specialties, Noodles and Vegetarian. Many dishes are named for the predominant flavor - Ginger, Garlic and Green Curry. You pick the protein.

Dinners are edible works of art, adorned with beautiful garnishes such as purple orchids. The deep-fried Whole Red Snapper was bathed in a bright chili sauce made with onions and red peppers. The firm, moist fish was terrific.

Yum is the word for Ploy's appetizer salads, which offer contrasts in taste and texture. Servers rate food as mild, hot and "Thai Hot," which is doused with fresh peppers.

Ploy Thai opened in 2002 with 45-seat dining room and in 2012 expanded with a sushi bar and additional seating. They continue to be a gem for Thai and Japanese cuisine in the Brandon area.